What is diamond painting?

Diamond painting is a new craft hobby; it is a combination of cross stitch and digital image.

Diamond Painting, created in 2015, was designed as a lighter, faster, and more therapeutic alternative to Cross Stitch.

With Diamond Painting, you can apply tiny resin “diamonds” to the DMC-coded bonded canvas to create vivid mosaic paintings.

Some useful diamond painting tips and tricks:

1. When you get the canvas, it will cover with plastic film or parchment paper (to keep it sticky). Do not remove this plastic film at once. Instead, slowly peel off the plastic as you design gradually.
2. Arrange the diamonds with egg cartons. Simple, easy, and cheap!
3. Stick the diamond next to the symbol on the canvas or stick it with tape. Quickly browse the diamonds you need!
4. Use baby wipes to make the area sticky again. If your canvas area becomes less humid, wipe the area with baby wipes! And you can also use this method to remove all paper or pet hair from the canvas.
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